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NOVEMBER  30, 2014
“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ…For every man shall
bear his own burden.” (Gal. 6:2, 5)

A casual reading of these two verses might easily convince a person that they
present a glaring contradiction. The first says we should bear one another’s burdens,
the second that we must bear our own burden.

The word translated “burdens” in verse 2 means anything that weighs a person down
spiritually, physically and emotionally. In its immediate context it refers to the heavy
weight of guilt and despondency that has come into the life of a man who has been
overtaken in a fault (v. 1). We help such a brother when we throw a loving arm around
him and win him back to a life of fellowship with God and with God s people. But
burdens also include the sorrows, troubles, trials and frustrations of life which come
to us all. We bear one another’s burdens when we comfort, encourage, share our
material things, and give constructive advice. It means to involve ourselves in the
problems of others, even at a great personal cost. When we do this, we fulfill the law
of Christ; which is to love one another. We demonstrate our love in a practical way by
spending and being spent for others.

A different word is used for “burden” in verse 5. Here it means anything that has to
be carried, without any hint as to whether the load is heavy or light. What Paul is
saying here is that everyone will have to bear his own load of responsibility at the
judgment seat of Christ. It will not be a question then as to how we compare with
others. We will be judged on the basis of our own record, and the rewards will be
passed out accordingly.

The connection between the two verses seems to be this. A person who restores one
who is overtaken in a fault might fall into the trap of feeling himself superior. In
bearing the burdens of the fallen brother, he might somehow think of himself as
being on a higher level of spirituality. He sees himself as comparing favorably with
the sinning saint. Paul reminds him that when he stands before the Lord, he will have
to give account for himself, for his own work and for his own character, and not for
the other person. He will have to bear his own load of accountability.

So the two verses do not fight against one another. Rather they live in the closest
Below is a meditation by William MacDonald 1917-2007
RICHARD COOLEY will be our speaker on November 30, 2014 for
the Family Bible Hour service at 11:00 a.m. Richard and his wife
Nancy have fellowshipped at Grace Bible Chapel from
childhood. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.
Richard is a graduate of Bob Jones University and a retired art
.  He is also a teacher in one of our elective adult Bible
classes currently studying in the A
cts of the Apostles. He and
his wife take part in our singing groups. Richard is also an avid
Special Notice: We will not have our Wednesday evening Bible
Study and Prayer meeting on November 26, as some will be
visiting relatives out of town and others will be preparing to
receive relatives for visits. Happy Thanksgiving!