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NOVEMBER 4  2018
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NOVEMBER 25, 2018
“…and be ye thankful.” (Col. 3:15)

A thankful heart adds sparkle to all of life. At the close of a dinner, one of the children said, “That was a
good meal, Mother.” That remark created a new sense of warmth in an already happy house.

Too often we fail to express our thanks. The Lord Jesus healed ten lepers, but only one returned to give
thanks, and that one was a Samaritan (Lu. 17:17). Two lessons emerge. Gratitude is rare in a world of
fallen men. And when it does appear, it often comes from the least-expected sources.

It is easy for us to feel grieved when we show kindness to others and they do not even have the
courtesy to say “Thank you.” By the same token, we should realize how others feel when we fail to
express gratitude for favors received.

Even a cursory examination of the Bible reveals that it is punctuated with exhortations and examples of
thanksgiving to God. We have so many things for which to be grateful to Him; we could not possibly
tabulate them all. Our whole lives should be psalms of thanks to Him.

Ten thousand, thousand precious gifts My daily thanks employ; Nor is the least a cheerful heart To taste
those gifts with joy.

And we should cultivate the habit of expressing thanks to one another as well. A warm handshake, a
phone call or a letter—what uplift they bring! An aged doctor received a note of thanks along with the
payment from one of his patients. He kept that note among his prized possessions; it was the first one
he had ever received.

We should be quick to express gratitude for gifts, for hospitality, for free transportation, for the loan of
tools or other equipment, for help with our work projects, for every form of kindness and service that is
shown to us.

The trouble is that too often we take these things for granted. Or we are too undisciplined to sit down
and write a letter. In that case, we must work at the habit of thanksgiving, developing an awareness of
all that we have for which to be grateful, then training ourselves to acknowledge these things promptly.
The promptness of the acknowledgment doubles the thanks.
Below is a meditation written, by Mr. William MacDonald. 1917-2007
       In 2015 our family embarked on a bold new frontier, the Jungles of Peru.  We
moved in to the reasonable size town of Tarapoto in the northern jungles.  This is
either the outer edge of the civilization or the beginning of the civilization depending
on your choice of perspective.
       Our mission here is to train up the national evangelical churches using the Word
of God.
       We have helped start a one year Bible institute for Peruvian young people to
come and train up with God’s word and be molded in Christian character.  This is a
small school, maybe 15 to 20 students a year (in the future) but the results will be
exponential for the churches.  In order to accomplish this we have to partner with
different Bible teachers, Missionaries, regional churches and develop local logistics.
       Our involvement in the local community has grown over the last couple of
years.  Teaching in the local church has produced more teachers and stronger
leadership.  Some travel to the river villages and regional conferences has given the
Bible school some exposure and brought us students.  Joining in other teaching
programs around the country has helped us know their regions and invite young
people to attend the Bible institute.

Shown here is the Mattix
Family, Jesse & Janel
with their children Fionna
and Isaac. Jesse will be
our speaker at the Family
Bible Hour at 11:00 AM
on Sunday, November
25th at Grace Bible
Chapel, the Lord willing.
Please visit us and meet
this missionary family.